Kula Tickets

Due to the pandemic we are planning a smaller event this year. Currently we are only taking reservations via email to mail@germankula.com (please let us know your name(s), email(s), number of tickets and accommodation option of your choice). If the regulations by that time will allow the event to happen, we will sell the available tickets following the reservation list with still available accommodation options. People with non-refunded tickets from last year are automatically on the top of the list.

Die Preise beinhalten die Teilnahme am Programm, drei vegetarische Mahlzeiten (bio) und die Unterkunft. Du kannst uns gern kontaktieren, falls Du darüber hinaus weitere Fragen haben solltest, die unter FAQ, Travel oder Kula Kids nicht beantwortet werden konnten. Die Teilnahme an der German Kula Celebration ist für angemeldete Kinder unter 4 Jahren (im Bett oder Zelt der Eltern) grundsätzlich kostenlos.

All prices include program, three organic & vegetarian meals per full day and accommodation! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions that could not be answered in FAQ, Travel or Kula Kids below. Pre-registered Children below the age of 4 can accompany their families free of charge (in the bed or tent of the parents).