Teachers & Artists

Nico Douwes & Monika Kolb

AcroPerformance / PartnerAcrobatics


Niko & Monika travel the world with their son Ruben, and share circus and partner acrobatic skills. Both are teachers, performers, and movement therapists. In class they focus on skill progression, sustainability of practice, and inspire their students to push boundaries in a safe and fun environment. Together they have grown in partnership, love, and acro. Niko and Monika have a passion for good food, especially dessert. Niko prefers coconut ice cream and Monika just loves chocolate.

As a team they organize the Pre-convention to the Dutch Acro and the Bangkok Acro Convention. Simultaneously Niko is a founder of www.partneracrobatics.com, he teaches for Pitch Catch Circus and works with many other international Acrobatic/ Circus projects. Monika teaches and performs hula hoop and aerial, as a soloist and in collaboration www.monikakolb.de.

Satyaa & Pari 

Mantra Concert


Already as a child Satyaa expressed an intense love for music, arts and dance. She studied piano, classical and modern dance and later on, after completing a musical high school, she studied visual arts at the University of Beaux Arts in Geneva, Switzerland. Her love for arts continued and expanded into a deeper longing to find out more about herself which brought her to the Ashram of Osho in the late 80s. This was the place to be in those days, a place pulsating with life, experiences and adventure.

The encounter with the mystic Osho brought her love for music, dance and arts altogether to another level of understanding and expression: it opened the way to meditation and the beyond. When Osho left his body in January 1990 she was led “by grace”, as Papaji from Lucknow used to call it, to him. She stayed with this Master for many years near him in the town on Lucknow. Satyaa´s love for music was intensified by his presence and she often performed for him, while he was often calling for her to sing or dance in his satsangs. In Lucknow she participated also in several musical productions of Bhajans and devotional songs, like “Be A Lion” or “Nowhere”, the latter she did together with a Lucknow-friend and great musician, Gunnar from Denmark.


Pari was born in a small greek village into a family of four where he spent the first eight years. Later on he lived two years on the island of Lesbos before his parents moved to Germany. Already in the early 70s he started to sing Mantras and Bhajans (devotional songs from India) and came into contact with Yoga and Meditation. While studying psychology in the University he followed a call from within to travel to India in search of a spiritual master. After spending many months and traveling to different places, ashrams and mountains in South India, life took him to Poona to stay with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, now known as Osho. He stayed with him in India until the dissolution of the ashram in Poona and after returning back to Europe he continued with his studies at the University in Germany which he finished later with a Masters degree. In the meantime Osho had settled in Oregon, America, which grew fast into a new commune called Rajneeshpuram. Pari went to visit there several times before receiving an invitation for a longer stay in Oshos commune. He lived there almost a whole year before returning to Germany.


Satyaa & Pari

Lucie Beyer (Co-Organisatorin)

AcroYoga | Thai Massage


Based in Munich, Lucie is teaching Workshops, Trainings and Retreats.

As an international Yoga- & AcroYoga teacher as well as a mentor and passionate bodyworker, she works with a playful approach which is at the same time deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom of the traditions.


Her work is based on the appreciation for a healthful, trusting togetherness everyone can develop their own potential from.

 I love to create a magic space, where people come together to celebrate life and honor the beauty in all its abundant ways. The awareness of us being all one is more important than ever."

With hand to hand & heart to heart  



Find me on Facebook Lucie in the Sky

On Instagram yoga_mit_lucie


Almuth Kramer (Co-Organisatorin)

AcroYoga | Thai Massage


I'm an AcroYoga teacher, Yoga teacher (BYV), bodyworker (Thai Yoga Massage/ OsteoThai) and clown. I studied dramatics and communication science in Berlin and Buenos Aires. Besides teaching AcroYoga and Thai Massage I am constantly diving deeper into healing arts with the OsteoThai Master Programm with David Lutt (France) & Jörg Schürpf (Switzerland) and the studies of Osteopathy at the Swiss International College of Osteopathy to gain an even clearer understanding for the miracles going on inside the human body. 

I love to connect with people of all ages - from kids to grandparents - because I learn so much about life and the abundant practice of Yoga, AcroYoga and healing arts by observing and serving the different needs and skills of each single being. To watch people exploring trust, growing in their spectrum of movements and expression, deepening connections and rediscovering playfulness means a world to me and makes me happy.



Juampi Travaglini

AcroYoga | Handstands


"I grew up in the Mountains, in the country side.

I started to find balance by myself on top of horses before I learned how to walk on my feet. 

So my first contact with movement began with them: I did volting, so it was my beginning with Acrobatics, and developed Gaucho skills (kind of cowboy but from Argentina) since kid.

Martial arts, cycling, hiking and Dance came on my teenage. Yoga and Circus Arts blow my mind at my 20s.

My disciplines at the Circus were handbalancing and mixed acrobatics, but of course other disciplines like Juggling, Aerials, Clowning, Body Expression, were also part of my journey. Then in a Circus Convention I met Acroyoga and I fell in love with the practice and the Acrofamily.

Now I travel here and there teaching Handstands and Acrobatics, but the beautiful thing is, that I will never never stop being a student."

Aleš and Tanja Hren 



"I never met acroteachers who really get in there so much as those two beautiful souls. They really help you to walk the walk and get this trick clean as a whistle. They know what they are doing and I am super happy that they have some time to come to our beautiful Kula Celebration to share all their knowledge." - Sergej


Tanja (massage therapist and dancer) and Aleš (windtunnel instructor) are a power couple from sLOVEnia. They met on the dance floor 5 years ago, tried acro and fell in love with the practice and with each other. Shortly after they took the partner acrobatics teacher training. Since then they teach regular classes in Ljubljana, weekend workshops all around the EU, they organize the slovenian acro festival SAFE and the Winter acro spa weeks.


Tanja and Aleš are collectors of crazy washingmachines but also super skilled in different entries into laying and standing F2H, H2H and rH2H. Their knowledge also includes whips, pops and icarians. Their broad knowledge and lots of experience enable them to adapt to each students level and upgrade your acro skills. So they don´t have problem with teaching different levels at the same time. Their focus on technique makes skills very accessible to ladybases and same size partners. 



Kerstin Oschabnig 

PartnerAcrobatics / Handstands


Already as a child Kerstin was fond of circus arts, but never would have imagined herself performing on stage one day. It happened by chance that she discovered aerial silks and partner acrobatics.

She has a background as a translator and online journalist and decided in 2018 to make her passion for movement and performing arts a living. So she spends most her time chasing creative ideas, teaching and performing.

She loves the social aspect which comes with acrobatics, the connections which happen with the people you work with and the trust in the body, mind and partner.



Simon Kathan

AcroYoga 3Punkt 


Simon received the golden badge for athletic performances after practicing Wrestling for more then 23 years. He is practicing AcroYoga since 5 years. In April 2018 he attended the AYTT in London.


He is dedicating his time in teaching and sharing his passion in movement together. With his humor and deep knownledge he makes his classes a special expirience for everybody.


He is father of 2 children and living in Vorarlberg, Austria.



Lea Zubak 

Nia / Yoga/ Thai Massage


Lea Zubak teaches workshops, retreats and trainings throughout Europe. 

Since 13 years she is sharing her love for holistic movement practices with Yoga (Vinyasa, Yin & FeetUp Yoga), Nia and Thai yoga massage. 

Lea offers a space for joyful and sustainable learning and inspires her participants to discover and celebrate their full potential. 



Mai Nguyen & Oliver Baehr 

AcroYoga / Thai Massage 


One year ago, Mai made a huge decision: She quit her well-paid job at an international company. In the meanwhile, she found her passion: Personal development. Nowadays, Mai is a digital nomad. She travels the world while working as a female empowerment coach, AcroYoga teacher and blogger. She is an inspiring, vulnerable and strong woman. Meet her at the German Kula!

Insta: @diepersoenlichkeitsentdeckerin

FB: Mai NguyenBerg


When Oliver was a child, he wished a circus would come and pick him up. Later at school, his biggest dream was to become a teacher. „When you wanna make god laugh, make a plan.“ Instead of going to university and becoming a teacher, he became father of four wonderful children. So Oli started doing Acro with his kids twenty years ago. No worries, this story has a happy end, because dreams become true! Nowadays, Oli has his own business as an IT and project management trainer and teaches AcroYoga and Thai Yoga Massage in his leisure. Same same but different kind of a teacher, huh? Meet this extraordinary human at the German Kula!

Insta: oliverbaehr

FB: Oliver Baehr

Marius Beyer

Ecstatic Dance / Kletteryoga


Marius is the founder of Kletteryoga - Yoga for climbers. He has a deep passion for Yoga and Climbing since many years and the integration of both movement arts feels for him like bringing yin and yan together. You just climb better with yoga! But Kletteryoga consists more than only asana specialized for climbing. It includes holistic warmup training, partner exercises like the human climbing tree, breath work and massage techniques, and mindfulness.  

He is also a musician in his Organic Beats Band Aerodice and an Ecstatic Dance DJ. For the last two years he was Co-Organizer of Ecstatic Dance Berlin and recently he decided to move back to Hamburg, his city of birth, to bring Ecstatic Dance there. He loves to make people dance!

He has studied Environmental Sciences and it’s his philosophy, the more we do things which really fulfill our hearts, the less we need artificial compensation and the less we destroy our environment. 

Heal your heart, safe the world. 





Julie Hendel and Peter Hunter (DK)



Julie and Peter are kind, funloving slackrobats leaning especially towards the flowy side of acroyoga, but have an allround training in standing, pops and whips as well. They study physiotherapy and fashion design.

Instagram: @hendelhunteracro


Peter loves to move and wants to do acroyoga when he is 80 years old. He has danced, practices parkour and yoga, and wants to train in a sustainable way and with the heart in the right place. He studies physiotherapy in Copenhagen.

Website: www.peterhunter.dk

Instagram: @peterhunter.dk


Julie is a creative soul with lot's of joy for movement. When she is not doing acroyoga, she is either on a slackline or working on her latest creative project. She loves understanding the details and is a francophile. She studies fashion design in Copenhagen.

Website: Juliehendel.dk

Instagram acro: @hendel91

Instagram design: @julie.hendeldesign

Sebastian Friess

PartnerAcrobatics & Inversions


His passion to movement brought Sebastian to Yoga. His movement style is active, functional and natural. He started his movement journey with Budokon Yoga. From there on he trained with teachers all around the globe. ACROVINYASA, Fit Flow Fly, Partner Acrobatics and Yinspiration are some of the Schools he trained with. Sebastian loves to turn his world upside down with the help of inversions and to lift other people up into the air by doing acro yoga.  


Marina Stützle / Heaven-OnEarth

Partner Acrobatics / Yoga / Healing Arts


Marina is a South German passioned Yoga- and Partner Acrobatics Teacher and Physical Therapist. Her first contact with Flying Bodyworks was back in 2009 in Thailand and since then she has been passioned about Acro Yoga and Partner Acrobatics and experienced the practice all around the globe.

But as there is a lot more to explore in this world she is also trained in various Yoga Styles and Healing Arts and has been sharing her passion and experience from the past 10 years in a holistic approach around the globe and in her yoga studio and physio practice. She teaches (acro-)yoga classes / workshops, @yoga festivals, retreats and trainings and co-organizes the 3rd Tenerife Acro Kula in November this year.

You will experience a in-depth practice that combines ancient wisdoms and healing modalities with her knowledge from Physiotherapy and Yoga. Marina loves to create a space where healing, transformation and deep relaxation can happen - so join her for some Thai & Fly and get your Lunar Power turned on.



Sara Kim Bauchmuller

Handstand / AcroYoga


Sara (Inverted World Berlin) teaches regular handstand classes for beginners to intermediate-advanced in Kreuzberg, Berlin and loves this movement practice for its playfulness, discovery of one's own capabilities and change of perspective. Sara studies anatomy and muscle system to become a movement therapist and creates some colourful yoga clothing with Pitaya Yoga.


FB: Sara Kim Bauchmuller

Mito Flying Monkey

AcroYoga | Partneracrobatics


Mito lives a nomadic lifestyle learning and teaching Movement, Acrobatics, Yoga and Bodywork. He loves to move, play, discover, let go, celebrate life, nature, music, food and community, to laugh and to monkey around.

In his practice he seeks ease and quality of movements, kinesthetic awareness, sensitivity, as well as freedom, mobility and balance physically, mentally and emotionally.
In his workshops he shares his passion and insights, facilitating a space where open sincere experience of movement, the self and others can happen in a natural, joyful and spontaneous way.



Marine Bidet  

AcroYoga / Thai Massage 


Marine is in love with AcroYoga. Even more so since she started giving weekly classes in her home base of Strasbourg some months ago where she could witness with her own eyes the astonishing birth of the community she´s always dreamed of. 


She likes to serve everyone something interesting to taste so that after a class or workshop, you can bring home a little thing that has enriched you in some way. While teaching, she enjoys using humar as a weapon against negative self-judgment and encouraging people to share their joy and feel strong and safe through team support. 



Luka Agres  

AcroYoga / Thai Massage / WuoThai

There is no way to do and to try everything that is nice and interesting in this world that surrounds us. There are too many things to do. So choose your inspiration and motivation, I have found mine in the joy of AcroYoga. After soccer, badminton, free climbing... my path came across yoga. I needed a stretch. Since then, I haven't stopped stretching my body, my mind and other people. I do this with the help of this combination: Thai Yoga massage, Yoga and Acrobatics.
In AcroYoga I found such a beautiful playground, with amazing playful people. It is a game in which even failing is a joy and fun. I want to share this playfulness. 
Recently my occupation is on one big project called Japanero. It is a product of friendship with Omananda. 
Japanero represents a lot of values in wich we believe. It contains minimum possible bullshit and a lot of transparency.
Japanero creates events worldwide. 


Sara Flottmann & Jannik Blömer



Sara and Jannik from feel the flow have always been keen to try out new ways of movement. When they discovered AcroYoga they instantly fell in love with creating flows and moving their bodies intuitively. They started teaching in 2018 and it is their dream to give people the chance to feel as happy as they did on the day they started AcroYoga and found their passion in this practice.

In their workshops they focus on dynamic AcroYoga flows – away from static poses towards “flowy” sequences, where they integrate whips & pops such as quick and slow transitions.



Instagram: @feel_the_flow_hamburg

Facebook: Feel the Flow Hamburg

Jules Kühner

AcroYoga / Yoga / Thai Massage


Home-based in Berlin but also teaching and exploring the world with AcroYoga, Yoga and Thai Massage. My life was always driven by movement and dynamics, guided by intuition. I teach what I love and I love to share. Ever since I am curious about exploring many forms, stepping out of the concept and free from any restraints.


After my studies in Marketing and Management I worked in Los Angeles and got addicted to Yoga and Acro Yoga. My heart knew where to go from there. Besides that I love to share my food creations and philosophy of everyday life.

 The world is our playground and life is an wonderful art each moment. Let`s create a love affair with our unique spirits and raise the vibration to union.




Dmitriy Vinogradov

Handstand / Yoga / Acrobatics


Dmitriy, as a teacher from Los Angeles, is a specialist in circus arts, including handstands and contortion. He is also trained as yoga teacher and partner acrobat. His passion besides movement is photography. 



Afia Joy Adu-Sanyah

AcroYoga / Thai Massage


Born in Germany, and having lived in places like the Himalayas of Tibet, the Andes in Bolivia, and Beijing, China, Afia fimly believes in the power of community building across all borders.

She is fascinated by AcroYoga's ability to connect people quickly in a very authentic and loving manner. As an Afro-German linguist and antropologist she has encountered acroyoga as a universal language.

Acroyoga truly offers the magic of bringing people from all kinds of backgrounds together in a the first moments of practicing.

Giving ourselves the permission to play and connect to our inner child has a deeply healing effect on our souls.

Confronting us with our fears and limits in a safe and encouraging environment empowers us to overcome those boundaries and believe that anything is possible with a joyful and trusting mind set.





Susann Mayer

AcroYoga / Yoga / Family AcroYoga

Born in Hamburg and home-based in Madrid, where she teaches Ashtanga, Vinyasa, AcroYoga, Yin Yoga, Air-Vinyasa Yoga, Family Yoga and Thai Massage, Susann loves to come back every year to play with the German and International acroyogis at the Kula Celebration!!! She has just finished her three years of studying Ayurveda with the Indian doctor Prachiti Kinikar, offering her first nutricional coachings. She is actively involved in animal welfare and her dream is to open a Yoga Retreat Centre in Spain with an Animal Santuary and ecological garden.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/susann.mayer.5 / 

Instagram: @susannmayeryoga / @acroyogamadrid

Homepage under construction: http://susannmayeryoga.com/ / http://www.ashtangayogamadrid.com/

Andrés Covelli 

Yoga / Inversions


The desire to move every part of my body,

the passion to be anything I can imagine,

the need to play in life; to stand on my hands

and spin on my head, to bend backwards and

forward, to roll like a little kid, to fall over just

to get up again.

This is how I learnt to live my life.

Lover of nature, collector of tattoos, believer of magic and the power of love...




Roelie Eldermann




I love Acro Yoga as a way of opening pathways for communication, interaction and connection between people. As it came across my way in 2015, Acro Yoga has helped me change my life. It enabled me to deepen and aliven my yoga practice and it brought me closer to myself and others. By now, I have completed my Hatha Yoga (Anusara/Alignment), Kids Yoga and Acro Yoga Teacher Trainings. I also love the art of Thai Yoga Massage and the therapeutic, lunar aspect of Acro Yoga. Teaching weekly classes in my current hometown Berlin, I am super grateful to be sharing these practices with others. My dream is to bring communities closer together in the more remote corners of the world.


FB: https://www.facebook.com/roelieyoga/



Katharina Rinn

AcroYoga / Aerial Yoga


Katharina loves & lives Yoga for all her live. Growing up with hippie parents meant that yoga, meditation and mindfulness were always part of her path. Today, she is Mother of three daughter, Civil engineer and Yoga Teacher in Aerial Yoga and AcroYoga. 

She is the founder of Aerial Yoga by YogaWings and offers international Aerial Yoga Teacher trainings & retreats.

She lives in the middle of Germany with her family and two dogs.


“to see sparkling joy in the eyes of my students is the best gift for me as a teacher”

Katherine Ball



Katherine Ball is a habitat for fungi and bacteria located on planet Earth. 

Moving together in symbiosis, like waves moving an ocean, they practice the art of living on a damaged planet. 

Their artistic interventions reimagine the infrastructure of everyday life. These have included: living in an off-grid floating island building mushroom filters to clean a polluted lake, bicycling across the USA looking for ‘solutions’ to the climate crisis, coordinating a national day of action to halt business at banks and corporations influencing state laws, and apprenticing with nature to learn the biological counterpart to civil disobedience. 


Katherine has been a Fulbright Fellow in Copenhagen, an artist in residence at Andrea Zittel's High Desert Test Sites in the Mojave Desert, a delegate at the United Nations Climate Change Summit in Mexico, and her work is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Their books include Not Broken Yet: Life in the Mojave Desert (HDTS, Joshua Tree, California, 2016) and Utopia Walks Away: Infrastructure in Copenhagen, Denmark (May Day Rooms, London, 2016). Katherine has a Master in Fine Arts in Social Practice from Portland State University and studied at the School of Walls and Space in Copenhagen. 


An amateur in the best sense of the word, originally from Detroit, Michigan, Katherine strives to give more energy to our dreams than our fears. Currently, Katherine lives in the North Shore of Hawai'i and is learning to surf. Her most recent artwork created a water filtration system for Floating University Berlin: floatinguniversity.org/water.


katherineball.com (and also: everydayinfrastructure.net)

Lucia Ballmann



Lucía loves and lives movement, creativity and playfulness.

She grew up on the Canary Islands with her three sisters, a yoga teacher as a mum and a painter as a dad. She started playing acrobatics with her twin sister at the age of ten, looking at the postures of a book and copying them, failing and laughing, and later creating flows and doing small performances.

Today she works as Psychotherapist and teaches Yoga, AcroYoga, acrobatics, aerial silks and dance. Recently she discovered her love for ThaiYoga Massage, her favorite bodywork meditation.

Lucía loves sharing joy with everyone, connecting with people through movement and music in an authentic and loving way, creating a safe space for everybody and empowering them to change and to trust in their own strengths.


Instagram: lucia.ballmann

Facebook: ballmann.lucia


Christian Gieger

AcroYoga / Thai Massage


"It´s not about the trick - it´s about the joy you have along the way to get there!" Christian is a passionate AcroYogi, since he got in contact with the AcroYoga practice in 2014. Based in south-West Germany he is teaching Workshops, weekly classes and gives Thai-Treatments. He loves to share his knowledge in his unique way, at the same time supergermanserious and still funny. As a community-builder it's important to him that everyone in the group is safe and happy.




Fridolin Schuster



2003 habe ich begonnen Yoga zu üben und somit gleich einen Weg gefunden der meinem Wesen entspricht. Seit 2014 unterrichte ich VinyasaFlow, AcroYoga und YinYoga. Bewegungskünste wie Aikido, Tanz und Musik, sowie Ausbildungen in traditioneller Thai-Massage und Shiatsu, haben mich weitere Blickwinkel erkennen lassen, die ich in mein Yoga mit einfließen lasse. 

Inspiriert und beeinflusst durch Natur, Musik und meine Wurzeln, stilistisch durch Lehrer aus aller Welt und meine Mitmenschen, freue ich mich mit dir gemeinsam den Weg des Yoga zu gehen.


FB: Fridolin Schuster

Anja Malkmus

AcroYoga / Morning Dance


Anja is a Yoga Teacher and is giving courses in AcroYoga in Berlin. Furthermore she is an naturopath (Heilpraktiker) focused on homeopathy.

Her passion is dance, just recently she startet an open air morning dance event in Berlin. She loves to combine bodywork with strong exercises in a playful way, using the body as an instrument for the soul.


FB: Anja Trötchen

Yvonne Gravemaker & Lennert Stevens



Yvonne has always been happy to be upside down and play around. In 2004 Yoga entered her life, and since years she’s teaching all kinds of Yoga, at the moment mostly Vinyasa, AcroYoga and Aerial Yoga.

She loves being active in nature and gets a lot of positive vibes being in the mountains. After traveling for a while, she’s now settling in the beautiful city of Haarlem in the west of the Netherlands.


Lennert started spreading his passion for Yoga and AcroYoga after he quit his technical engineering career. He really loves flowy sidestar washingmachines which make him smile from ear to ear. 

Besides AcroYoga, he also enjoys all kind of extreme sports in nature like snowboarding, kitesurfing, snowkiting and mountainbiking. He is a real animal lover, but he loves his two old granny cats (17years old) the most.


FB: Yvonne Gravemaker

FB: Lennert Stevens


Erdmuthe Kriener 

Living Zero Waste - Lecture 



Being in love with nature and it’s wonders made me decide in 2015 to start living Zero Waste. It might seem complicated to reduce your trash to a minimum but it really is easier than you think.

Listen to my story and learn some valuable everyday tricks and tipps that are possible for everybody.