Teachers/ Artists for 2022

Review 2022

feel the flow - Sara Flottmann & Jannik Blömer



Feel the flow - that’s Jannik and Sara from Hamburg. They met 5 years ago and fell in love with creating dynamic AcroYoga flows. In 2018 they started teaching beginners. The constant improvements in their own training and the teacher training at partner acrobatics made them confident to teach topics like whips, icarians, h2hs and other dynamic transitions. In their workshops they want to pass on their knowledge about different concepts, always emphasizing that there are various working techniques and that everyone needs another individual advice.


They want their students to have fun and to get that “acro-high” feeling that they always have after spending hours flying, training, failing and laughing together.



Instagram: @feel_the_flow_hamburg

Facebook: Feel the Flow Hamburg


- songs rooted in passion and devotion -

is a world music artist creating mystical soundscapes and medicine songs.


As a song collector, Aquario weaves his stories in several languages, but most profoundly in the universal language of love and oneness, through his heart-centered music.


As wayfarer of the musical world, he has collaborated with various international artists and lightened up the world of conscious and spiritual music again and again.


With his sensitive style – characterized by versatility and depth – Aquario forges a unique sound cosmos, known for captivating the audience and creating his very own spirit.


Wherever the singer and multi-instrumentalist finds himself in circles, concerts and ceremonies,

he creates a divine presence and natural mystic energy, feeling home in the ‚here and now‘ and swinging with the vibration that surrounds him.


website / youtube / instagram / spotify 


Evan Josef

AcroYoga / Acrobatics / Circus


Evan is an international partner acrobatics coach, musician and circus artist. He graduated university with a bachelor's degree in performing arts and began traveling the world as a musician and street performer.


He has trained with Acroyoga Montreal, Partner Acrobatics, Pitch Catch Circus school of acrobatics, LEAP, and the Performing Acrobatics program in Berlin.


Evan teaches with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. He is passionate about standing dynamic tricks, improvisation and the creative process, but most of all, putting in the work to find a feeling of effortlessness in the skills that once felt heavy or out of reach.


Coming together and moving as one is his focus, getting to do cool tricks is just a bonus of that practice.

Instagram: @acrobeatbox

Lucie Beyer (Co-Organisatorin)

AcroYoga | Thai Massage


Based in Munich, Lucie is teaching Workshops, Trainings and Retreats.

As an international Yoga- & AcroYoga teacher as well as a mentor and passionate bodyworker, she works with a playful approach which is at the same time deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom of the traditions.


Her work is based on the appreciation for a healthful, trusting togetherness everyone can develop their own potential from.

 I love to create a magic space, where people come together to celebrate life and honor the beauty in all its abundant ways. The awareness of us being all one is more important than ever."

With hand to hand & heart to heart  



Facebook: Lucie in the Sky

Instagram: yoga_mit_lucie


Almuth Kramer (Co-Organisatorin)

AcroYoga | Thai Massage


I'm an AcroYoga teacher, Yoga teacher (BYV), bodyworker (Thai Yoga Massage/ OsteoThai) and clown. I studied dramatics and communication science in Berlin and Buenos Aires. Besides teaching AcroYoga and Thai Massage I am constantly diving deeper into healing arts. I completed the OsteoThai Master Programm with David Lutt (France) & Jörg Schürpf (Switzerland) in april 2019 and I am in the 5th and final year of studying Osteopathy at the Swiss International College of Osteopathy to gain an even clearer understanding for the miracles going on inside the human body.

I love to connect with people of all ages - from kids to grandparents - because I learn so much about life and the abundant practice of Yoga, AcroYoga and healing arts by observing and serving the different needs and skills of each single being. To watch people exploring trust, growing in their spectrum of movements and expression, deepening connections and rediscovering playfulness means a world to me and makes me happy.



Lucía Ballmann



Since many years she flies around the Acroyoga world when she is not working as a psychotherapist. 

She loves connecting with people through movement and music, creating a safe space for everybody and empowering to believe in the own strengths. 

She loves sharing the feeling of easiness, trust, flow and joy with everyone. 

Expect funky warm ups and lots of laughter.


Instagram: lucia.ballmann

FB: https://www.facebook.com/LuBallmann/ 

Bojan Babic 

Thai Massage / Osteothai / Chi Gong


Bojan is a certified thai massage therapist who combines his love for healing arts and creative expression through various forms of working with the body.

His Thai Massage journey started with Taoistic practices and meditations, which led him to a deeper connection to the healing capacities of the body and resulting in his certification by his teacher Sanne Burger as an Ancient Thai Massage Therapist in 2009. Since then he has been traveling the world learning with different teachers about the art of touch.


In the last years he has been intensively studying and assisting with Krishnataki and David Lutt and completed the Master Osteothai program with the osteopaths David Lutt and Jorg Schürpf. With the blessings of his teachers, Bojan is wholeheartedly teaching various modules of thai massage around the world. 


Sera & Nate 

Nate & Sera met at the YogaSlackers Teacher Training in Thailand in 2019. They share their love for both - balancing on slacklines and on other people!


Nate’s passion for partner acrobatics and acroyoga stems from a love of learning how to communicate and better connect with others. It is his belief that building a relationship where you can trust your partner to listen to and truly connect with your needs, you will thrive much faster as a team. In addition to a focus on healthy communication, Nate’s teaching also brings attention to the technical aspects of acro, that often make it feel “easy”.

When he isn’t teaching acro, you can find him practicing photography and filmmaking! He especially loves combining these passions with adventures in nature and is happy to spend weeks hiking or biking through the wilderness, living out of a tent and capturing his experiences.

Lina Hinzmann & Tobi Henschel



Lina and Tobi are a couple of Berlin based AcroYogis, who are constantly testing the boundaries and creativity of L-Basing when working on their Acro-creations. 


They both started their AcroYoga practice as passionate bases but quickly evolved into committed roles when they began training with each other. They build a team of trust for several years now and focus on the underlying technique of positions and transitions while swapping roles in washing machines and creative flows. 


Lina is eager to challenge herself and loves to play with balancing mono limbs or testing the undoable while being upside down. She has an amazing eye for details and always a good tip for either role.

With a calm mind and sunny temper, Tobi creates a safe and welcoming atmosphere. He reclaims the fun of the practice whenever Lina takes it too seriously.

Together they invite you to surpass your boundaries and look forward to get going some serious L-Basing business! 


Facebook: LinaHinzmann, TobiHenschel

Lena and Håvard
Lena (@lenamirjamgraf) from Germany and Håvard (@legdayacro) from Norway met each other during their teacher training in Greece and immediately hit it off due to their shared passion for hand-to-hands, washing machines, and Icarians.
Lena says that after AcroYoga became part of her life, it has become more fun, adventurous and filled with love. "I like the playful connection that AcroYoga creates between people and how your body changes when training over time - I've continuously broken through my own limits". It is my passion to spread the fun, love and empowerment that AcroYoga has brought into my life.
Håvard is one of those energetic people who fell down the AcroYoga-rabbithole and was never seen again. "I discovered that my own mindset changed through AcroYoga, continuously seeing things which seemed impossible, only to do it myself moments later. This is why I teach AcroYoga - I want to share that mindset and sense of empowerment with the world". I'm passionate, or even obsessed by Icarians and their requirement for precision, alignment, and trust.
Website: legdayacro.com

Sara Kim Bauchmuller & Luka Agres

Handstand / AcroYoga 


Sara's profound and innate knowledge of inversions will bring you to another level. To the upside-down level. She will first activate the kernel of your body and then from that point work on your inversions. Her intuitive understanding of movement makes her a person to share her knowledge with. Inverted world! —> @invertedworldberlin // @pitayayoga 



I (Luka) am long term lets-try-to-figure-out-what-this-bodies-can-do practitioner. Acrobatics, bodywork, yoga, slackline, climbing... are and were my tools to explore that rabbit hole. And Acro is definitely one that sticks and stays as an ultimate playground. I am super happy that I can share my little basket of knowledge, with as many people as I can, acround the world! —> @lukajoge // @acroatia_festival 



We are beyond happy to have these two and their little, strong daughter Lua with us again

Jules Kühner

Acro / Handstands/ Yoga / Thai Massage


Home-based in Berlin but also teaching and exploring the world with Acro, Handstands, Yoga and Thai Massage. Upsidedown is her happy place, preferable flying around and handstanding on everything. 


Her life has been driven by movement guided by intuition. The aim is to keep the energy in motion. She loves to teach and share but mostly guide you to a deeper understanding of your own practice.


Curiosity and playfulness is her approach because she believes that stepping out to the concept allows us to free ourselves from any restraints. Besides being a movement addicted she loves to share her art in form of writing. Recently she published her first book “Artist of Everyday Life”.Life is the playground we design and that invites our nature to unfold moments of unboundedness.

More details on Instagram :yogabyjules or my homepage

Olliver Similä



I discovered AcroYoga three years ago in my home town Oulu, Finland after doing floor acrobatics at the local circus school for a year. My love for acro has lead to a situation where I'm currently traveling the world looking for opportunities to train and learn as much as possible.

In my practice I enjoy being creative while combining different elements like h2h, whips, and icarian pops into one seamless flow. I'm also a personal trainer who enjoys lifting weights almost as much as lifting people.


AcroYoga / Thai Massage

Ever since she was a child, Satya loved to move. 

She was exploring various movement practices like swimming, climbing and yoga until she found her passion in Acro Yoga.

In 2014 she completed her Acro Yoga teacher training and since then she teaches Acro Yoga & Thai Massage sometimes regularly, sometimes sporadically and offers classes and workshops mainly in Hamburg, where she lives.

She is a lighthearted, inviting person and her intention is to create an atmosphere where curiosity, lightness and joy finds their place.