Teachers & Artists

Lucie Beyer (Co-Organisatorin)

AcroYoga | Thai Massage


Based in Munich, Lucie is teaching Workshops, Trainings and Retreats.

As an international Yoga- & AcroYoga teacher as well as a mentor and passionate bodyworker, she works with a playful approach which is at the same time deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom of the traditions.


Her work is based on the appreciation for a healthful, trusting togetherness everyone can develop their own potential from.

 I love to create a magic space, where people come together to celebrate life and honor the beauty in all its abundant ways. The awareness of us being all one is more important than ever."

With hand to hand & heart to heart  



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Almuth Kramer (Co-Organisatorin)

AcroYoga | Thai Massage


I'm an AcroYoga teacher, Yoga teacher (BYV), bodyworker (Thai Yoga Massage/ OsteoThai) and clown. I studied dramatics and communication science in Berlin and Buenos Aires. Besides teaching AcroYoga and Thai Massage I am constantly diving deeper into healing arts with the OsteoThai Master Programm with David Lutt (France) & Jörg Schürpf (Switzerland) and the studies of Osteopathy at the Swiss International College of Osteopathy to gain an even clearer understanding for the miracles going on inside the human body. 

I love to connect with people of all ages - from kids to grandparents - because I learn so much about life and the abundant practice of Yoga, AcroYoga and healing arts by observing and serving the different needs and skills of each single being. To watch people exploring trust, growing in their spectrum of movements and expression, deepening connections and rediscovering playfulness means a world to me and makes me happy.



Aleš Hren 



"I never met acroteachers who really get in there so much as those two beautiful souls. They really help you to walk the walk and get this trick clean as a whistle. They know what they are doing and I am super happy that they have some time to come to our beautiful Kula Celebration to share all their knowledge." - Sergej


Tanja (massage therapist and dancer) and Aleš (windtunnel instructor) are a power couple from sLOVEnia. They met on the dance floor 5 years ago, tried acro and fell in love with the practice and with each other. Shortly after they took the partner acrobatics teacher training. Since then they teach regular classes in Ljubljana, weekend workshops all around the EU, they organize the slovenian acro festival SAFE and the Winter acro spa weeks.


Tanja and Aleš are collectors of crazy washingmachines but also super skilled in different entries into laying and standing F2H, H2H and rH2H. Their knowledge also includes whips, pops and icarians. Their broad knowledge and lots of experience enable them to adapt to each students level and upgrade your acro skills. So they don´t have problem with teaching different levels at the same time. Their focus on technique makes skills very accessible to ladybases and same size partners. 




Pascal Weis

AcroYoga / Thai Massage


Movement has always been the driving inspiration in Pascals life! After many years as a competitive athlete he followed his passion and became a sports scientist with the german sports university cologne.


It was in 2010 when he fell in love with AcroYoga and the practice of connecting people! After 6 years of teaching  in more then 30 countries around the world, Pascal shares his passion for movement, Yoga & AcroYoga in workshops, trainings and Immersions.


In his teachings he combines the clarity of the scientist with the compassion of a Yogi, always aiming to inspire people to reach their individual goals! 



Julia Weis

AcroYoga | Thai Massage

Vor mehr als 16 Jahren tauchte Julia ein in die Praktiken des Yoga, von diesem Moment an schienen die Entscheidungen sich selbst zu treffen. Nach ihrer ersten Yogalehrer Ausbildung (2004). intensivierte sich ihre Passion für Yoga.

Während sie noch Literaturwissenschaft und Biologie an der Universität Karlsruhe studierte, erweiterte sich ihr Arbeitsfeld 2005 in den Bereich Ayurveda Massage. Sie fand die einzelnen traditionellen Linien von  Massage, Yoga und akrobatischem Training auf einzigartige Weise im Acro Yoga vereint. Das “Community building”, die Gruppendynamik und die Kommunikationstechniken die diesen modernen Yogastil bereichern inspirierte ihre Praxis auf einer völlig neuen Ebene.

Seit der Acro Yoga Lehrerausbildung 2008 und fortführenden intensiven Thaimassage Studien zwischen 2009 und 2011 gibt sie die Fülle und Balance in Form von Yogastunden, Aus- und Fortbildungen weiter. Als Mama das volle Spektrum des Seins erkundend hält Julia heute den Raum für das Aufwachsen ihrer kleinen Tochter, das move om Yoga & Athletik Studio welches sie mit ihrem Mann Pascal Weis führt und begleitet Menschen Rund um die Welt zur Schönheit ihres vollen Potentials.


Lisa Looping & FlyLightYoga

AcroYoga / Hula Hooping


Lisa is based in Vienna since 2001 and loves to travel across the globe to share her love for yoga and hula hooping with the world. Yoga has been part of her live for more than 10 years.

In 2013 she felt her call to start teaching and sharing her practise. She is a certified Hatha Flow Yoga (200 h), Aerial Yoga and AcroYoga teacher. She is teaching weekly classes and monthly workshops at Yogafusion Vienna.

2005 - 2016 she was working for the international performance company PhoenixCreative not only on stage but also coordinating the bookings from the headquarters in Vienna, where she also manages their training space the Vienna Circus Arts Center. 

2008 she discovered her love for the hula hoop, since then a big part of her life is circling around this fascinating object of infinite possibilities. She has passionately specialized in fire and multiple hooping with LEDs, UV active or reflecting special effects. 2011 she started her solo project Lisa Looping. She is organizing the annual Austrian Hoop Convention in Vienna since 2014.


Marius Beyer



Marius is a certified yoga teacher (BYV) and bodyworker with more than 12 years of practical experience in Yoga. He's the creator of Kletteryoga - Yoga for climbers.

In his movement practice, he unites sound knowledge from yoga, climbing & bouldering, martial arts, acrobatics, endurance sports and traditional European massage as well as Thai massage.

Furthermore he’s a well known international Didgeridoo artist and founder of the band Aerodice, co - organizer of Ecstatic Dance Berlin and holds a Diploma-Degree in Environmental Sciences of the Leuphana University.

With his humorous, attentive and yet gently challenging style of teaching he helps his students to expand their boundaries and discover their own potential.

Marius originates from a family of bodyworkers. His sister Lucie Beyer teaches worldwide yoga and acroyoga and is one of the pathfinders of the acroyoga. Their mother and uncle are both certified physical therapists and yoga teacher. Marius has started absorbing his knowledge about movement, functional anatomy and physiology beginning in his early childhood and shares it now in his workshops.




Kilian Trenkle

AcroYoga | FeetUp


Kilian Trenkle is a Munich-based yoga teacher and product designer. With the intention to create a yoga prop that would make an inversions practice accessible to (almost) everyone, he began his first major design project, today known as the „FeetUp headstand stool“.


FeetUp helps new practitioners to overcome their fear of inversions and work around their physical limitations. Advanced yogis enjoy the unlimited possibilities of a new upside-down practice. The community of FeetUp friends and yogateachers embracing FeetUp is growing continuously.


Kilian loves to explore, play and discover ever more ways to make use of the FeetUp ranging from therapeutics to AcroYoga. A FeetUp class has something inspirational to offer for everybody and every body. Be open and always remember: If you turn your world upside down, you’ll have the sky at your feet.


Mito Flying Monkey

AcroYoga | Partneracrobatics


Mito lives a nomadic lifestyle learning and teaching Movement, Acrobatics, Yoga and Bodywork. He loves to move, play, discover, let go, celebrate life, nature, music, food and community, to laugh and to monkey around.

In his practice he seeks ease and quality of movements, kinesthetic awareness, sensitivity, as well as freedom, mobility and balance physically, mentally and emotionally.
In his workshops he shares his passion and insights, facilitating a space where open sincere experience of movement, the self and others can happen in a natural, joyful and spontaneous way.



Marine Bidet  

AcroYoga / Thai Massage 


Marine is in love with AcroYoga. Even more so since she started giving weekly classes in her home base of Strasbourg some months ago where she could witness with her own eyes the astonishing birth of the community she´s always dreamed of. 


She likes to serve everyone something interesting to taste so that after a class or workshop, you can bring home a little thing that has enriched you in some way. While teaching, she enjoys using humar as a weapon against negative self-judgment and encouraging people to share their joy and feel strong and safe through team support. 



Jules Kühner

AcroYoga / Yoga / Thai Massage


Home-based in Berlin but also teaching and exploring the world with AcroYoga, Yoga and Thai Massage. My life was always driven by movement and dynamics, guided by intuition. I teach what I love and I love to share. Ever since I am curious about exploring many forms, stepping out of the concept and free from any restraints.


After my studies in Marketing and Management I worked in Los Angeles and got addicted to Yoga and Acro Yoga. My heart knew where to go from there. Besides that I love to share my food creations and philosophy of everyday life.

 The world is our playground and life is an wonderful art each moment. Let`s create a love affair with our unique spirits and raise the vibration to union.



Afia Joy Adu-Sanyah

AcroYoga / Thai Massage


Born in Germany, and having lived in places like the Himalayas of Tibet, the Andes in Bolivia, and Beijing, China, Afia fimly believes in the power of community building across all borders.

She is fascinated by AcroYoga's ability to connect people quickly in a very authentic and loving manner. As an Afro-German linguist and antropologist she has encountered acroyoga as a universal language.

Acroyoga truly offers the magic of bringing people from all kinds of backgrounds together in a the first moments of practicing.

Giving ourselves the permission to play and connect to our inner child has a deeply healing effect on our souls.

Confronting us with our fears and limits in a safe and encouraging environment empowers us to overcome those boundaries and believe that anything is possible with a joyful and trusting mind set.





Andrés Covelli 

Yoga / Inversions


The desire to move every part of my body,

the passion to be anything I can imagine,

the need to play in life; to stand on my hands

and spin on my head, to bend backwards and

forward, to roll like a little kid, to fall over just

to get up again.

This is how I learnt to live my life.

Lover of nature, collector of tattoos, believer of magic and the power of love...




Christian Gieger

AcroYoga / Thai Massage


"It´s not about the trick - it´s about the joy you have along the way to get there!" Christian is a passionate AcroYogi, since he got in contact with the AcroYoga practice in 2014. Based in south-West Germany he is teaching Workshops, weekly classes and gives Thai-Treatments. He loves to share his knowledge in his unique way, at the same time supergermanserious and still funny. As a community-builder it's important to him that everyone in the group is safe and happy.




Fridolin Schuster



2003 habe ich begonnen Yoga zu üben und somit gleich einen Weg gefunden der meinem Wesen entspricht. Seit 2014 unterrichte ich VinyasaFlow, AcroYoga und YinYoga. Bewegungskünste wie Aikido, Tanz und Musik, sowie Ausbildungen in traditioneller Thai-Massage und Shiatsu, haben mich weitere Blickwinkel erkennen lassen, die ich in mein Yoga mit einfließen lasse. 

Inspiriert und beeinflusst durch Natur, Musik und meine Wurzeln, stilistisch durch Lehrer aus aller Welt und meine Mitmenschen, freue ich mich mit dir gemeinsam den Weg des Yoga zu gehen.


Raphaela Spohn

AcroYoga / Yoga for kids / Holistic Bodywork


Raphaela is a (kids) yogateacher, holistic bodyworker and physiotherapist from Hamburg.

Raphaela combines playfulness, joy, consciousness and breath in her movement and teaching practice. Her teaching links the dynamic and powerfull solar side of yoga and acro with a bhakti-inspired, therapeutic direction for an holistic and sunstainable approach.

Besides teaching Vinyasa, (Acro-)Yoga for children and families she offers holistic bodywork and thaiyoga massage sessions.

As a holistic bodyworker, therapist, yoga and first at all HUMAN, she wants to explore body, mind, soul and the world through connecting and moving with the Kula.




Instagram: raphaela_movebemoved