Satyaa & Pari in Concert

Saturday, 6th of july

Satyaa and Pari met in India in the Nineties and have been sharing their common love and passion for sacred music, healing and Satsang in many parts of the world ever since.

Man and woman, Shiva and Shakti, Krishna and Radha, Yin and Yang, joyfully they inspire, energize and encourage everyone to be and live that what we are! Now matter which creed, race, black or white, we are essentially one and the same.

First they lived many years together in India, after that they got married, became parents, raising a beautiful daughter - creating and composing Mantra-Songs which are manifested on 13 CDs, holding Mantra-Concerts and visiting Spiritual Music- and Yoga-Festivals worldwide. They keep on touring and holding chanting retreats and Satsangs at various places.


As Guru Nanak once pointed out:

“There is one God and He is the enemy of no one.”


For participants of the German AcroYoga Kula Celebration the concert is included in the festival ticket! 


If you want to come for the concert only, you can book your online ticket here.

If you book for several people please add their names in the comment field, so everyone can check-in with their name. 

Concert with Satyaa & Pari

Saturday, july 6th, 8 pm 

15,00 €

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