6th to 9th of July 2017

The German Kula Celebration - the german AcroYoga Festival is a magical 4-days journey full of yoga, acrobatics, dance, meditation and celebration of community! We are happy to have an international teaching crew, dance-night, concert, kids program, handstand-privates, delicious organic food, Bodywork & Dessert Party, trees, elves, NATURE and more! 

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We are so looking forward to celebrate the abundance of togetherness, fun playtime and pure delight with all of YOU!!

"The Sky is the Limit - spread your Wings and fly!"

Acrobatic Post-Kula-Offering with Bart Venne (Netherlands) 

Level up from the 9th-11th of july 2017!

„Every next level of your life will demand a different version of you.“


What to expect:

different entries and exits to/from H2H, F2H, standing sequence, more challenging L-basing including ikarien


2high, high Bird, handstand against wall for 20 sec., L-sit on L-base

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 Therapeutic Post-Kula-Offering with Pascal Beaumart

Embodied Being 2   


Learning and growing together – 8 days of Embodied Being with Pascal Beaumart.

After flying high at german Kula, dive deeper into bodywork and your embodied being. 


Learn about the Holistic Bodywork approach, to treat yourself and others well.

We co-create a space for Holistic Healing with a diverse program including (Acro)Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation,

as well as Thaimassage, Osteopathy and Traumatherapy, all the way to presentations, sharings and dance. 


You can dive at each 4 day course with us into the following main themes:



Why we need areas of tension for growth.

How can we use the power of polarity and areas of tension in our work?

Polarity/Duality is a fundamental principle of life … 



Work with the interdependence of body, energy and emotions. This module focuses on the interconnectivity

of physical, energetic and emotional stuckness - and how to come back to flow. 

Homepage Englisch: http://holistic-bodywork.org/embodied-being/

HP Deutsch: http://holistic-bodywork.org/de/embodied-being/

FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/234895126938312/